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Super QC

SUPER QC is a Muslim Personal Development Program designed and developed by Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School (AAIIBS). This program is generally extracted from the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad, namely FAST: Fathonah, Amanah, Shidiq, and Tabligh. In particular, SUPER QC was extracted from the great Indonesian scholar, Buya Hamka rahimahullah.

Buya Hamka is a great scholar  who has complete talents with characters: Scientist who masters various sciences, one of his works is designing the first Islamic school that integrates Islam and modern science. Ulama’ who because of his ‘alim (knowledge)’ he received the honorary title of Prof. Dr., although he never received a higher education. A professional, who is not only good at finding ideas for developing education and da’wah, but also good at implementing them in the family and the wider community.

He is also an entrepreneur who is able to lead high circulation magazines, one of which is Panji Masyarakat magazine. In addition, there is no doubt that he (may Allah have mercy on him) mastered the Qur’an and Al-Hadith, with his magnum opus Tafsir Al Azhar which he completed in prison. And no doubt he really upholds high adab (Courtesy), not only to his friends but also to his opponents

Consists of four main competencies and two elective competencies. The four main competencies are mandatory,it’s mean  that every student must master them according to the standards imposed at Al Azhar IIBS.

The other two competencies are optional, it’s mean prospective students can choose which competencies are in accordance with their interests and talents. The four main competencies are:

Quranic Learning

Namely, learning the Qur'an includes 3T: Tahsin, Tafsir, and Tahfidz. This program is held both inside and outside the classroom.

Professional Program

The Program to introduce profession  that aims to provide direction and future life orientation for students. This program is accompanied by successful Muslim professionals in their fields.

Courtesy Oriented

Learning developed from Islamic courtery and made programmatically and sustainably in the form of courtesy  curriculum, including: learning, practice, and reflection on the results of courtesy practice. The implementation of the program is accompanied by ustadz in the form of halaqah. This program is designed by a Professor (Professor) in the field of Islamic Psychology.

Scholars' Program

 The program to produce scholar (ulama') supported by passive and active mastery of Arabic. Held after maghrib  6 times a week. Studying popular books on aqidah, fiqh, sirah, tsaqofah Islamiyah and so on under the guidance of masyayikh from the Middle East. This program is guided directly by Masyayikh from the Middle East.

Scientist Program

The Program to produce professional Muslim scientists who are equipped with a good understanding of Islam, adhere to the Qur'an and adab both in the exact field and in the social field. This program is accompanied by Muslim scientists (Professors, Doctors, and Masters) both in the natural science and social science.

Entrepreneur Program

The program to produce professional Muslim entrepreneurs supported by a good understanding of Islam, underpinning their business with the laws of the Qur'an and managing them with noble manners. The program will be accompanied by energetic and inspiring millennial Muslim entrepreneurs.

Each student is equipped with four abilities, namely learning the Qur’an which includes “Tahsin, Tahfidz, and Tafsir”; Courtesy learning designed with a measurable adab curriculum; the Ulama program’ program in the form of intensive book studies which were peeled off by the masayikh; and equipped with a professional program that introduces various professions on a scheduled basis and is embedded in the curriculum.

In addition, students are given the opportunity to choose two other competencies, namely the Scientist program and the Entrepreneur program. The Scientist program will equip students with the ability to research and put the results of their research into a scientific article every semester. The Entrepreneur program will equip students with entrepreneurial skills and write their entrepreneurial work in a scientific article every semester.

The curriculum of Scientist, Ulama’, Professional, Entrepreneur, as well as the Qur’an and Courtesy, or  SUPER QC. SUPER QC describes a pattern of Muslim personal development that is developed in an integrative and comprehensive manner so that students develop according to their nature, talents, interests and special potential, based on the Qur’an and adab. The SUPER QC curriculum is an educational curriculum development program that combines Faith, Science, and Charity into the Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School (Al Azhar IIBS) educational program.

The SUPER QC program is held at the junior and senior high school levels. At the beginning of entering school, prospective students are given a search for interests using psychological instruments combined with interviews with prospective students and their parents/guardians. Interest tracking is intended to identify the interests and talents of prospective students in the competencies offered.

Interviews with parents or guardians serve to help prospective students explore their interests and talents based on their wishes. So that the right decisions will be obtained in choosing the competencies offered. It is hoped that this determination of interest will help direct students to achieve their dreams from an early age. After graduating from high school, students can immediately focus on their interests and continue to improve their abilities in their chosen field.

SUPER QC is designed to awaken the brilliant potentials of students in preparing themselves as young Islamic generations who will continue the da’wah and leadership relay in the future. Furthermore, through this SUPER QC, scientists and entrepreneurs will be born who are supported by the correct mastery and understanding of the Qur’an, have noble morals as a result of measurable Adab learning, have the characteristics of Ulama’ with mastery of mu’tabar books which are taught directly by the masayikh, and was built with a professional vision so it will strengthen the skills of students.

Assalamualaikum Al Azhar IIBS
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