Al Azhar IIBS

A Comfortable Place for Your Kids to Learn

The place is Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School. This 1.7 hectare boarding school is located in Karangpandan, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. It has a beautiful atmosphere because it is located near the mountains and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make children will be much more comfortable and enthusiastic in learning. it doesn’t take long, just 45 minutes from Solo you are ready to take your child to Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School.

Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School’s facilities are designed to be as comfortable as possible for children to focus on learning and feel comfortable in it. The following are the facilities of Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School that will ensure the comfort of students while they are learning in boarding school.

School Building

School Building, a place where dreams become the foundation for a bright future. Here, the walls are witnesses to the learning journey, where every corner contains unforgettable learning stories. These rooms are not only a place to teach, but also a place to educate the soul and build character. The vibrant atmosphere encourages you to explore the limits of knowledge and reach your full potential.


Dream Library, a place where every page is a doorway to infinite adventure. Here, comfort becomes every student's best friend, like a warm embrace of books waiting to be opened. This space is not only a place for reading, but also a secret garden where imagination blooms and ideas shine. The intimate and friendly atmosphere invites each student to dive freely into the world of knowledge.

Modern Dormitory

Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School has modern and exclusive boarding facilities to provide a comfortable and effective atmosphere for students' daily learning activities. Students will live in an exclusive, comfortable dormitory with only 6 people and will be looked after intensively by 1 professional musyrif in each room.


The laboratory, a place where science and technology meet in inspiring harmony. Here, advanced tools and cutting-edge concepts are the raw material for endless discoveries and experiments. Every workbench is a stage for innovation, where ideas metamorphose into deep knowledge. This laboratory is not just a place to observe, but to feel and string theories into reality. Each trial is a step closer to a deeper understanding of the world around us


This cafeteria is not only a place to satisfy hunger, but also a stage where school stories are intertwined. Each dish is a step towards knowledge, in addition to in-class lessons. Let's enjoy precious relaxing moments here, while building memories and bonding as a school community that grows together

Health Support Facilities and Nutritionists

Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School has health support facilities in the form of a School health unit that is accompanied by doctors and nurses regularly. There is also a nutritionist who will supervise the students' food intake and ensure a halaalan thayyiban intake.

Al Fatih Mosque

A Center of Tranquility and Harmony, where your soul meets beautiful prayers. Here, the sound of the call to prayer is a call to pause from the hustle and bustle of the world, and set your eyes in a higher direction. In silence and solemnity, worshippers unite in worship, clasp hands in prayer and radiate spiritual light. The mosque is not only a place for worship, but also for learning, sharing, and knitting close social relationships. The loving and peaceful atmosphere opens doors for anyone seeking peace in silence.

Sports Arena

Sports Arena, a place where passion and determination come together to create stories full of achievements. Here, the cheering sounds of the audience play like an uplifting song, accompanying the struggle of athletes who strive for excellence. Adrenaline and sweat become loyal companions, forming a trail of achievement in every corner of the field. This arena is not only a place to compete, but also to cultivate team spirit, individual courage, and self-discipline.


Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School has comfortable classrooms for learning.

Qur'an Memorization Garden

Quran Memorization Garden, a place where the flowers of holy verses bloom beautifully in the heart of every individual. Here, each step is a step towards inner peace, amidst the greenery of soothing verses. The sound of gurgling water flows like a melody of tranquility, inviting to reflect and internalize the meanings in each sentence. This park is not only a place to memorize, but also to feel closeness to the Quran. Each juz is a spiritual adventure, a journey that leads us to wisdom and serenity.

Exclusive Dining Room

Here, each dish is served with a touch of elegance and impeccable detail. This room is not just a place to eat, but to celebrate unparalleled taste. The soft light hugs every corner, creating an intimate and warm atmosphere, like a lap welcoming you home.

Assalamualaikum Al Azhar IIBS
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