Al Azhar IIBS

Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School Inden Student Enrolment

Due to the limited availability of student quotas, acceptance of new students at Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School opens a pass and priority program.

The First Premium Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School

Al Azhar International Islamic Boarding School facilities are designed to be as comfortable as possible for children to focus on learning and in it will ensure the comfort of students while in the lodge.

FAQ About Al Azhar IIBS

  1. Super QC are 4 excellent programs at AAIIBS, which direct students to study according to their talents, namely to become scientists, scholars, professionals, or entrepreneurs wrapped in the values ​​of the Qur’an and Islamic adab.
  2. The use of the international curriculum (Cambridge/IB) which can lead graduates to higher international education.
  3. Intensive development of Arabic and English language skills
  4. Provision of religious understanding through the adab curriculum, cottage materials, and the target of memorizing the Quran 30 juz

Yes, AAIIBS accepts pivot registration since grade 1 SD/MI

Yes, InsyaAllah AAIIBS is a formal educational institution under the Central Java Provincial Education Office, so there is no need for equivalency of certificates anymore. There has also been a collaboration between Al Azhar and several well-known PTNs at home and abroad

At any time, the guardian of the santri can find out the progress of the santri through the musrif and musrifah. Guardians of students can also monitor student activities both at school and in dormitories via online.

Al Fatih Mosque

To create a different Generation, it needs preparation and a special new atmosphere. The futuristic design is representative of this era and the same “Spirit Of Ghazi” echoed by Muhammad Al Fatih five centuries ago is the difference. Let’s make the Al Fatih Mosque the beginning of Muslim Youth in this 4.0 era starting the dream of conquering other sides of the World with Faith, Piety, Strength, Intelligence and Technology

Figures of Al Azhar IIBS

Drs. H. Juliyatmono, MM.

Syihabuddin AM., Al Hafizh.

International Cooperation

Medical Health Cooperation

Student Escort Cooperation

Assalamualaikum Al Azhar IIBS
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